Who will be my valentine?

Who will be my Valentine: A fun song for February, for your music lessons!

It's almost February, which means it's almost Valentine's Day! A month or so ago, I posted “Songs and Activities for Valentine's Day,” and just realized that I didn't add one of my favorites. I thought I'd share that with you today.

The song is to the tune of “Bow Wow Wow.” If you don't know “Bow Wow Wow,” it goes like this:

This is a great song for quarter rest, as well as for “re.” The students are so excited when they do the dance for the first time and flip around to find their new partners!

I learned the song “Who will be my valentine” my first year of teaching. It has the same melody and game as “Bow Wow Wow,” but the lyrics are:

1, 2, 3,

Who will it be?

Who will be my valentine?

1, 2, 3!

4, 5, 6,

I'm in a fix!

Who will be my valentine?

4, 5, 6!

7, 8, 9,

Who's on the line? 

Who will be my valentine?

7, 8, 9!

Lots of fun, right? 🙂 

I added this song, as well as a slideshow with the lyrics, a rhythm slide, and two melody slides, to the “Songs and Activities for Valentine's Day.” You can view it by clicking on the picture below.

Have fun singing and dancing with your students this week! I have Kindergarten informances this week and will be posting about those within the next few days. 🙂

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