What’s on my playlist for Second Grade?

Second grade playlist for the music room: Three fun recordings for your music lessons, for dancing, listening, and rhythm!
This week, I'm blogging about my playlists for each grade level, in my music room. For more information about how and why I'm using playlists, check out this post. Today, let's talk about second grade!

Here are three recordings from my second grade playlist:

#1: Chimes of Dunkirk

This is one of my favorite folk dances for lower elementary, from a great resource of the same name, by the New England Dancing Masters. I've used it to practice quarter rest (since the students have to clap three times, then rest, then stomp three times, then rest), and it's also a great way to introduce the longways set!

#2: What a Wonderful World
By Louis Armstrong

I absolutely love these picture books, both for the song “What a Wonderful World” (note: these are affiliate links):

By using either of these books, you can introduce students both to Louis Armstrong and to the beautiful song. I've also had discussions with students, about what they think makes a wonderful world.
#3: Rondo Alla Turka by Mozart

I love this piece by Mozart! It is great for practicing/ teaching rondo form, AND for practicing tika-tika, or sixteenth notes. I've had students read the rhythm for the A section while patting it on their laps, then for B they do another motion to the beat, then they tap the rhythm again for A, then do something different for C, etc. The rhythm is as follows (keep in mind, the first tika-tika is a pick-up):

For a more detailed lesson plan which includes several mini-lessons, check out this set:

What is on your second grade playlist? Feel free to comment below. Happy listening, and happy teaching!

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