What’s on my playlist for Fourth Grade?

Fourth grade playlist for the music room: Three fun recordings for your music lessons, for listening, dancing, and rhythmic work!
This week, I'm blogging about my playlists for each grade level, in my music room. For more information about how and why I'm using playlists, check out this post. Today, let's talk about fourth grade!

Here are three recordings from my fourth grade playlist:

I found the book “Unspoken” a few years ago, and fell in love with it. It is a wordless picture book about the Underground Railroad; you can view it on Amazon here (note: this is a referral link):

After lots of digging, I finally found this recording that works perfectly with the book. I play the music, and usually turn the page after 16 beats (in a couple cases, I turn the page after 8 beats), then, the music ends right when the book ends. It's a great pairing with the story, and is a great way to get students thinking critically about the Underground Railroad.

I found this folk dance on YouTube and loved it!

The track above is a version of the song, which can be used to teach and perform the dance. I'll be using it with a program for “Caps for Sale” with my fourth graders.

#3: Bach's Musette

My fourth graders will be practicing tika-ti at the beginning of the year, and this piece is a great listening lesson for that! Students will read this rhythm for the A section:

For a more detailed slideshow with more ideas for practicing rhythm and form, check out this set, which includes a slideshow for the piece:  

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What is on your fourth grade playlist? Feel free to comment below. Happy listening, and happy teaching!

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  1. Hey Aileen! I noticed you’ve got the Korobushka on your list for a dance that you use with kiddos. I usually do a version that is super popular in the Renaissance Faire community, I often teach it to my students, and tie in the Peddler song, and that the music was used for Tetris as well. Here are a couple of links that might interest you, one is of my students showing a slow walk through of the moves and one is of some faire folks dancing, down at the Sherwood Faire in Texas (fast forward to about 1:00 in for the dancing to start). Anyway, thought it would be fun to share more resources on this fun dance and song.
    Amanda Caretta-Hull (Kodaly 1 student from DePaul, 2014)

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