Valentine’s Day Videos for the Music Room

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Looking for fun Valentine's Day videos for your music lessons? Here are five videos to add to your Valentine's Day video playlist, to practice rhythm and listening skills!

#1: Valentine's Day Body Percussion

This is a fun video to practice steady beat and to practice body percussion patterns! It would also be a good way to get kids up and moving.

#2: Rhythm reading for half note and whole note

I absolutely love the Ready Go Music channel! This is a fun video to practice half note and whole note with students. On the channel, they also have other easier versions of this video (i.e. for ta, ti-ti, and rest, for preparing ta and ti-ti, etc.)

#3: Valentine's Day Freeze Dance

This video would be super fun for K-2, to get them up and moving, and to practice control of their bodies!

#4: Rhythm reading for ta, ti-ti, and rest

This video would be perfect for practicing ta, ti-ti, and rest. Students could simply read along with the rhythm patterns, or they could play along on non-pitched percussion instruments!

#5: "Love Dream" on piano

This video is a helpful way for students to visually see notes on the piano, and to improve their understanding of rhythm and melody. As students are listening, they can think about these questions.

  • What do you notice?
  • What do you wonder?
  • Which word(s) would you use to describe this song?

Looking for more Valentine's Day activities? Check out these sets:

Happy teaching!

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