#060: Time Management for Music Teachers

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In this podcast, I discuss time management for music teachers. Listen in iTunes, on Google Play Music, on TuneIn, or here:

Highlights of the Episode:

  • 1:22 How do I do what I do as a blogger, podcaster, creator?
  • 1:28 How do I do what I do as a teacher?
  • 4:17 Delegate work that you don’t love doing
  • 5:19 Scheduling and batching social media posts to help with productivity
  • 7:48 Tips for writing lesson plans
  • 12:20 Tips on using your time wisely
  • 14:09 Tips on virtual teaching
  • 16:01 Accomplishing 3 things a day.
  • 17:28 If it’s not “heck yes” then it’s “no”.
  • 18:56 Tools for productivity
  • 22:30 What I'm consuming

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Free "Three Things" List:

Videos mentioned in the podcast:

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