Thanksgiving Videos for the Music Room

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Are you looking for fun and engaging videos to add to your Thanksgiving music playlist? Here are five videos that can extend your students' musical understanding this November:

Thanksgiving rhythm play alongs

If you are wanting students to practice rhythm, this rhythm play along from my YouTube channel is perfect for tika-tika, or sixteenth notes:

Here are some other videos with the same theme, for different rhythm concepts:

More Rhythm Play Alongs!

Looking for another rhythm play along for Thanksgiving? Check out this video for ta, ti-ti, and rest, or quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rest, from Ready Go Music:

Here are two other versions:

I'm going to eat on Thanksgiving Day

If you love Laurie Berkner, check out this song, which would be great for preschool, Kindergarten, and first grade:

Turkey Hokey Pokey

Here is another great video for your littles, to get them up and moving during November:

The Turkey Song

Lastly, here is one of my favorite turkey songs, which would be great for upper elementary. You could have students listen for the instruments they hear, what happens in the song, etc.

Looking for more Thanksgiving activities for your elementary music lessons? Check out these:

I hope this is helpful, as you add videos to your Thanksgiving music playlist! Happy teaching, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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