St. Patrick’s Day Videos for the Music Room

Looking for fun videos to add to your St. Patrick's Day music playlist? Here are five fun videos to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, during March or late February!

#1: Rhythm reading

I created this fun video for students to read rhythm patterns with ta and ti-ti, or quarter and eighth notes. Students could simply read the rhythm patterns, or play the patterns on non-pitched percussion.

For more rhythm reading videos like this, check out this playlist.

#2: Freeze dance

If you want to get your students up and moving, check out this fun St. Patrick's Day freeze dance!

#3: Body percussion

If you'd like to do a body percussion activity, check out this video, which is a great way to practice quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rest!

#4: London Lasses Reel

Wanting to show your students authentic Irish instruments? This is a fun performance, highlighting the tin whistle and bodhrán!

#5: Irish dancing

If you'd like to show your students an example of Irish dancing, this video features The Gardiner Brothers, and would be a great watch during St. Patrick's Day!

Looking for more St. Patrick's Day sets? Check out these resources, which would be perfect to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, or to learn more about Ireland!

I hope this is helpful as you plan your lessons for March! Happy St. Patrick's Day, and Happy teaching!

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