No Tech Elementary Music Sub Plans, Set 1

Do you need No Tech Music Sub Plans for a non-music sub? These Elementary Music Sub Plans make it quick and easy to plan for an absence. No additional resources are needed to use, and no technology is required! Not only will these No Tech Sub Plans make the decision to put your own or your family’s health first and take the time you need off, but they ensure that your students are still getting lots of engagement and musical learning even when you’re not there!


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K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Need a day off but don't have time to create sub plans? Look no further! This set of No Tech Music Sub Plans is the perfect resource for music teachers in kindergarten through sixth grade. With these editable plans, you can easily print and go in just a few minutes. No technology is required, and the only other resources needed are ones likely already in your music room, such as a drum or crayons. Not only will these No Tech Sub Emergency Plans make the decision to put your own or your family's health first and take the time you need off, but they ensure that your students are still getting lots of engagement and musical learning even when you're not there!

No need to scramble to write sub plans when you or your loved ones are sick, or worry if technology will work, or if you have all the resources you need. This packet includes enough sub plans for about three weeks (depending on how often you see your students.) You can use these sub plans without buying anything additional!

The set of eight sub plans includes:

  • Beat (K-1): Students practice steady beat
  • Statues (K-1): Students move creatively to music
  • Melody (K-2): Students practice melodic contour
  • Rhythm patterns (1-5): Students practice rhythmic concepts; includes ta and ti-ti, quarter rest, half note, tika-tika, ti-tika, tika-ti, syncopa, and tim-ka.
  • Percussion (2-4): Students sort percussion instruments
  • Composer scavenger hunt (3-6): Students learn fun facts about composers
  • Dynamics (4-6): Students practice pp, p, mp, mf, etc.
  • Musical symbols (4-6): Students practice musical symbols

The set also includes:

  • Sub plan checklist: A table for each grade level, so you can keep track of which class has done which lesson (Link to Google Doc)
  • Directions: Includes specifics for printing and organizing your sub tub

Lesson concepts include steady beat, movement, melody, instrument families, music history, elements of music, and more!


  • Save time – no need to spend hours creating sub plans
  • Perfect for non-musical subs – no technical knowledge required
  • Editable plans – customize the activities to fit your students' needs
  • Engaging lessons – keep your students busy and productive, making music, while you're away

How to use:

1. Download the file and open in Microsoft Word, or another word processing program.

2. Edit the pre-made sub plans as needed.

3. Print the plans and any accompanying worksheets or materials.

4. Leave the plans for your substitute teacher to follow and enjoy your day off!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Question: How long do these plans last for?

Answer: If you teach music to each class once a week, these plans could last up to three weeks.

Question: Does this set require lots of prep?

Answer: I created this set so that it would require little prep. The lessons can be used as is, or can be edited. The accompanying materials can simply be printed or opened up. You will need to gather materials for each sub plan (such as pencils, non-pitched percussion, etc.), or let the sub know where those materials are.

Question: Does this set require technology?

Answer: No! I created this set to work without any technology! The statues lesson plan could use a recording, or students could sing.

Question: Which programs do I need to open up the files?

Answer: The set comes in a zipped folder, which you will need to unzip. The file types include:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I left these for my sub when I was at a workshop, and my kids really enjoyed these. I felt so much better that the days I was out weren't wasted.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Very helpful! In our district subs do not have access to technology so this was awesome to be able to just print and leave!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Both my students and my sub loved these activities. Students wanted to talk about them for days after I came back from my conference.”

Download the preview for more detailed information.

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