Music Classroom Setup

Music classroom, with the text "Music Classroom Setup"

I'm really excited to reveal my music room for this year! 

I decided to keep my boho rainbow theme from last year, but I've made a few additions. Here is a few pictures of my room:

Like in previous years, I really tried to be intentional to not cover every single wall with something, so that kids could learn in an engaging setting but not be overwhelmed. 

Here is a picture of the board at the front of my room, with my musical symbol posters, my hand sign posters, part of my rules, and my schedule cards.

Like last year, I made vinyl seat markers with my Cricut Explore Air 2; for more information about the Cricut, check out this blog post. The circles are in rows for grades 2-5, and then I made stars and put them into a circle, for my Kindergarteners and first graders.

Here is my word wall. The last few years, instead of posting words by individual letters, I decided to group letters. This is much less overwhelming!

A bit further up the wall, I have hand drums hung with 3-M hooks, which is great for easy access! The levels of understanding visuals are in my boho rainbow-themed music classroom decor set.

My first bulletin board will be completed once I have work from students to hang. I used this set to show that “amazing work” was coming, and made the letters with my Cricut. The bulletin board paper is fadeless paper from Lakeshore Learning…I used it last year and loved it so much, I kept it up! 

Here is my other bulletin board, which you can find here or in my boho rainbow themed set:

Here is a picture of some of my barred instruments and hand drums, as well as my musical symbol wall. I love having this wall, because I've seen kids make so many connections as I'm teaching and as they are figuring out which symbol we're discussing!

Here is my instrument wall, which is a great way to remind students about instrument families:

Here is my boho rainbow themed “to print” drawers; download them for free here.

Here is a couple pictures of how I've used magazine boxes from IKEA. In the first picture, I'm storing my ukuleles on my cello rack, and in the second picture, I'm storing rhythmic and melodic materials; I've just added these editable labels to my boho rainbow themed decor set.

If you'd like to put together a boho rainbow theme for your music room, here is the set I used when decorating:

Good luck setting up your classroom, and I hope your year starts off well!

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  1. I love that your color choices are muted and that every piece of decor serves a purpose. And kudos to you for reusing decor!

    Your approach has always teacher-friendly instead of Pinterest-posh.

  2. How do you hang the hand drums on the wall? I used Command hooks last year and they fell off the wall all the time. I Love having them accessible and out for students to see, but can’t deal with them falling down in the middle of my lessons Whenever a door is closed or students are stomping in the classroom! 😆

    1. Hi Angie! I use 3M hooks…that’s the same thing as command hooks, right? I haven’t had those issues with hand drums falling off the wall. It’s only an issue when I try to put the drums back. I have to be VERY careful with how I do it!

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