Music Classroom Set-Ups for Social Distancing

Music classroom set-ups for social distancing: Different classroom set-ups and tricks to keep students safe during music class

Are you wondering how best to set up your music classroom for social distancing? This blog post is a collection of images from music teachers from around the country, showing how you might set up your music room to be fun, accessible, AND safe!

Please note that you might see something in these pictures that doesn't work for your classroom, because your state and/or district might have different regulations. Find what works for you, and feel free to steal the idea!

Katie Wynkoop's classroom

Katie Wynkoop from Ohio set up her beautiful room, with X's on the floor six feet apart, for chairs. Her room still looks very warm and inviting!

Anna Ehret

Anna, also from Ohio, posted this picture on Instagram, of the materials she's using with each grade level. The other pictures show her classroom set-up, with plexiglass and socially distanced chairs and tables. You can find a staff board similar to the one she's using here.

Kathryn Polley

Kathryn from South Carolina posted these pictures on her Instagram, showing her set-up with foam squares.

Tanya LeJeune and Carrie Nicholas, from Music Teacher Coffee Talk

If you've ever listened to the Music Teacher Coffee Talk podcast, you've “met” Tanya and Carrie (and if you haven't listened yet, you should!) They posted this ingenious idea on their Instagram:  shower caps on drums!

Katie Minneci

If you've listened to my podcast, The Music Room, you've “met” Katie, also from Ohio (and you can follow her on Instagram here.) I love the idea of having a xylophone easily accessible! She's using the colors on the sit spots for contact tracing, which is brilliant! 

She's covering her xylophones with shower curtains; the corners can be sewed or taped. She says the sound isn't affected too much, and it makes them much easier to clean!

Kasie Varner

Kasie Varner is using stools like these in her music classroom. Her stools are 4.5 feet apart (her district asked for three) but this could also work with stools six feet apart! She says that because many of her classes are small, she can have students sit on every other stool, making them 9 feet apart.

I hope this has been helpful for you, as you consider how to set up your socially distanced classroom. Looking for more ideas for socially distanced teaching? Check out this post about socially distanced singing games, and this post for socially distanced folk dances. Happy teaching!

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