Halloween Videos for the Music Room

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Are you looking for videos to add to your Halloween music playlist? In this blog post, I'm detailing five videos you can use with your elementary music students, to improve their musical understanding, while celebrating Halloween in the month of October! (And keep reading to download a free listening lesson!)

#1: Rhythm play alongs

I created this video as a rhythm read along, for students to practice tika-tika, or sixteenth notes.

I also have these Halloween read along videos on YouTube:

#2: Pass the Pumpkin

If you use the song “Pass the Pumpkin,” check out this video, which is great for practicing ta and ti-ti, or quarter and eighth notes.

#3: Angry Birds Halloween

In this blog post and podcast, I talk about a project created by Katie Wardrobe from Midnight Music, which works well for project based learning. The project uses “Mickey Mouse and the Haunted House,” but I've since heard problematic things about the video (with references to minstrelsy), so you could use this video instead, having students create a film score with instruments and other sounds:

#4: Danse Macabre listening map

I love this listening map for “Danse Macabre” by Saint-Saëns. It's wonderful for teaching melodic contour and instruments.

#5: In the Hall of the Mountain King Line Rider

This is such a fun video to visualize “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Grieg! It's always a favorite, and perfect for Halloween!

Want a free “In the Hall of the Mountain King” listening lesson? Sign up below for a listening lesson in Google Slides!

Looking for more fun Halloween music activities? Check out my choice boards, which can work in person or virtually!

Happy teaching, and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Thank you so much for new ideas. I will read a map with childrens “Dance Macabre”.
    You are amazing TEACHER :).

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