#061: Gender Neutrality in the Music Room

Male and female symbols, written with chalk

In this podcast, I interview Amy Abbott about gender neutrality in the music room. Listen in iTunes, on Google Play Music, on TuneIn, or here:

Highlights of the Episode

  • (2:12) Amy’s journey as educator
  • (3:26) Inspiration for Gender Neutrality
  • (5:08) Terms for Gender Identity
  • (5:14) Gender Binary
  • (5:25) Gender Non-binary
  • (5:44) Cisgender
  • (5:57) Pangender
  • (6:03) Gender dysphoria
  • (6:20) Gender fluidity
  • (7:14) Common mistakes of Gender Neutrality in the Music Room
  • (16:00) Family structures
  • (17:00) Concert Dress
  • (19:14) Changes we can make in the classroom
  • (19:33) Common questions and arguments
  • (23:14) More resources on this topic 
  • (26:08) What we are consuming

Links mentioned in the episode

Connect with Amy

One Response

  1. Thanks so much for this episode! This is a topic in which I’ve been trying to grow both professionally and personally, and I appreciate your efforts to reach other teachers with this important info. <3

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