Five Favorite Pins of May

Bottle caps for note names, centers organization, and more for your music lessons!

Hi everyone! It is time for my five favorite pins of May!

Here are my five favorite pins this month. To see the pin, click each picture.

#1: Plickers!

I recently blogged about this amazing app, which I found out about on Pinterest. Click here to read the blog post! It does take a while to do the first assessment, but after that it gets easier as kids know what to do and how it works!

#2: Techie Tip

Speaking of technology, here is a pin with a very helpful tip, especially if you have ever accidentally closed a tab on your computer!

#3: Reward Jar

This is a great way to reward students while giving them the freedom to choose their reward! I have students spin the dice on the smart board if they are chosen as star student, and I have choices like “1= play the gong, 2= prize box, 3= sit by a friend,” so I'm thinking one of the choices could be “reward jar”!

#4: Bottle caps with note names

I really like this idea of having line notes written in blue and space notes written in red. Then students won't ask, “Which E???” This could work really well in centers…have a bunch of bottlecaps and staff paper, and then they have to write a word using bottlecaps!

#5: Center organization

Speaking of centers, I love this sheet for having students decide their centers:

It would take a bit more preparation to have several centers up and running (I usually just do four at a time), but I love the idea of students working at their own pace, choosing which centers they want to do.

Those are my five favorite pins of this month…what are yours? For more pins like this, follow me on Pinterest. Happy pinning!

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