Five Favorite Pins of March

A fun app, classroom management ideas, and more for your music lessons!

So now that it's almost the middle of March, it's time once again for my five favorite pins!

#1: Creative and respectful ways to quiet a class

This blog article has lots of fun ways to get your students quiet! Sometimes, I feel like I get stuck in a rut with the same old techniques, so it was fun to read some new ideas (and I appreciated how many of the strategies were musical!)

#2: Encouraging Critical and Creative Thinking

I am always looking for ways to encourage critical thinking (which is why I created my Critical Thinking in the Music Classroom Bundled Set) so I was excited when I found this blog article from Teaching with a Mountain View. I could see her think tray working really well in the music classroom–have a tray full of musical instruments/ accessories, and kids have to remember what they see! Great for instrument identification AND memory!

#3: Treble Clef Note Reading Centers

This site had lots of ideas to practice treble clef note reading in centers!

#4: Ten Flashing Fireflies

This beautiful book, by Philemon Sturges and Anna Vojtech, could be used with the Japanese song “Hotarukoi” or the American folk song “Firefly.” I need to go buy this!

#5: Zoorchestra App

After reading about this fun app, I bought it, thinking if nothing else, I could have my 18-month-old play around with it. I could see it working well with K-2 as well, as a way to familiarize them with different instruments and pieces of music. Very fun!

Those are my five favorite pins of this month…what are yours?  Feel free to comment below!

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