Five favorite pins of June

Instrument storage, flexible seating, and more for your music room!

Hi everyone! It is time for my five favorite pins of June!

Here are my five favorite pins this month. To see the pin, click each picture.

#1: So you have a Twitter account, now what?
Twitter can be a bit confusing…I remember when I first signed up for an account, I was a bit puzzled where to start. This blog post has some great suggestions for getting started! (And see this blog post for more tips!)
#2: Student Center
This pin led to a blog post with lots of great classroom setup ideas, but the picture in the pin is the one which got my attention. I LOVE the idea of having one place in the room where students can hand in work, get work, get pencils, etc. Right now, I have an area that is kind of spread out, so I am going to think about how to implement one central location in my music room!
#3: Flexible Seating
I am hoping to do some flexible seating in my classroom this year, in which students can choose a place to sit that works for them and their learning style. I will definitely be blogging more about this later, but I found this pin a great place to start (and I had never seen the chairs shown in the picture…will be looking into buying some!)
#4: What Specialists Wish You Knew
This blog post had some GREAT insights into being a specials teacher (written by someone who used to be a classroom teacher). Although I do make a point to learn all of the students' names (see this blog post about that topic), the rest of the points she makes really resonated with me.
#5: Instrument Storage
I love this blog post by Patti Anderson, with some really practical ways to store instruments! From hand drums, to recorders, to ukuleles, she has lots of great suggestions for storing the instruments so they are out and ready to use!
There are my five pins! If you'd like to see more pins like this, make sure to follow me on Pinterest.  Happy pinning!

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