Five Favorite Pins of June

Kindergarten xylophone intro, steady beat swords, and more for your music room!

Today was my first day teaching for this summer's Kodaly Level I at DePaul University! It was a fun day; I'm looking forward to the next two weeks. I've been a bit busy preparing for it, so I realized I needed to post about my five favorite pins this month!

To see the pin, click each picture. Here goes!

#1: Kindergarten Xylophone Introduction

I absolutely love this You Tube video about introducing students to Orff instruments. How magical!

#2: Steady Beat Swords

This idea by Tracy King to use pool noodles as light sabers with the “Imperial March” from “Star Wars” is absolutely brilliant! 

#3: Kalani Rhythm Game

This is a great game to improve memory and partwork skills! I'm thinking you could start just with one pattern, and then in the next lesson, add another on top of the first pattern. Love it!

#4: Classroom Organization Ideas

TONS of great ideas to organize your classroom in a very cute way!

#5: 27 Apps

Lots of great apps listed here! Some of these I have, but many I don't, so I'm excited to explore on the app store. 

Those are my five favorite pins of this month…what are yours?   Happy pinning, and happy teaching!

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