Five Favorite Pins of July

Creative movement, newspaper dancing, and more for your music lessons!

Since we are over halfway through July (eek! Where is the summer going!?!?) I realized it's time for my favorite pins blog post!

#1: Scale blocks

I love this idea for having upper elementary, middle school, and even high school students build scales. Perfect for piano players (as it shows white key/ black key) or any other student learning music theory!

#2: Desktop wallpaper

Looking for a way to keep yourself and your computer organized? I wrote this blog post a few weeks ago about how much I love this desktop wallpaper!

#3: The guide to google drive sharing

I know that there are probably LOTS of things that I don't know about google drive that I should know, so I put this on my list of things to read!

#4: Creative movement guidelines

This is a great post about teaching creative movement in your room. I need to go back and give this one another read!

#5: Newspaper Dancing

Speaking of movement, I love this idea by Mrs. King's Music Room to help students move. This could be a great strategy for discussing non-locomotor vs. locomotor movement!

Those are my five favorite pins of this month…what are yours?  If you'd like to share, here are the directions:

  • Save the “Five Favorite Pins of July” collage graphic to your computer, and include it in your blog with a link to this blog entry.
  • Blog about your five favorite pins. Include pictures with links when possible.
  • Submit your information by clicking on the button below.

 Have a great week!

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