Let me guess...


You are tired.

You don't have enough planning time to create the lessons you want.

You are feeling uninspired.

OR you are simply wanting engaging lessons for your students…but want to SAVE TIME!

Does this sound familiar?

Then this set is perfect for you! 


In this set...

You will receive:

  • 28 lessons of 35 minutes each (Almost 1000 minutes of instructional time)
  • Lesson Objectives & I Can Statements
  • Explanation of current lesson to previous & future lessons
  • Transitions, activities, procedures, and assessments
  • Approximate time needed for each song or activity
  • Practice of steady beat, rhythm, and high/low, preparation, presentation, and practice of ta and ti-ti (quarter and eighth notes) and sol-mi, and preparation of quarter rest



 The set also includes:

  • National Core Arts Standards Handbook for First Grade
  • EDITABLE Google Slides for projecting the lesson agenda
  • Distance & and/or blended learning suggestions
  • Materials for each lesson (Note: most are included with each lesson, but some, like recordings or picture books, would have to be purchased)
  • Blank lesson plan templates
  • An overview of each lesson, including concepts, skills, etc.
  • Suggestions for additional activities, if you meet with students for more than 35 minutes

I'm Aileen!

I love sharing music education ideas on my blog, my podcast, and through my lessons.

I enjoy creating cohesive lessons that are engaging and meaningful. After 23 years of teaching, I've explored many different ways to lesson plan, and have created tried-and-true lesson plans for you to use in your own music classroom!

When you purchase during this special, limited time period...

You will receive 25% off the normal price, which is $65. Buy now to save!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Does this set require a lot of set up?

I created this set so that if you are teaching as is, you could simply print out the lessons and materials, gather any other materials, and be ready to go!

Does this set require technology?

This set is most useful for those with an interactive white board, as there are several games and visuals in Google Slides. However, the lessons can be adapted if you don't have any technology.

Does this set require lots of other materials?

Most of the materials required for these lessons are included. However, there are a few resources that you would have to purchase (such as picture books or games from TpT sellers.) If you do not want to purchase those resources, you could adapt and use the lessons without those additional materials.

Can I edit these materials?

Absolutely! These lessons are made to be used as is OR to be edited for you and your students.

Ready to teach engaging lessons while saving time?

First grade lessons, first semester

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