December Activities for the Music Room

Music activities for December: Ideas for your music room, for your socially distanced or in person music lessons!

Wondering what to do with your socially distanced or virtual students this December, in the music room? In this blog post, I’m detailing five activities that could work for any music classroom during the month of December!

Rhythm Play Along

I recently discovered the YouTube channel “Ready Go Music”; it has a ton of videos for practicing rhythm! For December, this video would work really well; you can find a different version of the video (with rhythms) here, and the challenge version of the video here.

"12 Days of Christmas" Book

For years, I've used this pop-up book for “12 Days of Christmas.” Recently, though, I discovered this book, which has fun illustrations, and could work for any age!

Stretchy band with "The Nutcracker"

Looking for a fun movement activity for your students, during December? Matthew Stensrud's YouTube channel includes lots of videos for “The Nutcracker,” including this one, which would be SO much fun, if you have a stretchy band!

Play Dreidel

I love teaching the song “When Oh When,” which I learned from my friend Naomi Cohen; you can find the notation here. After you teach the song, or any Hanukkah song, you can teach students how to play dreidel. Here is a great video explaining how to play, which you could watch to learn, and/or you can have your students watch:

Musical Choice Boards

If you are distance learning right now, or are limited in what you can do in person, my Christmas musical choice boards could be perfect for your students! The set comes with six different versions, with five different levels of rhythm and melody. Here are a few pictures of the boards; click here, or any of the pictures, to see them in my store.

I hope this is helpful to you, as you plan for this month's music lessons! Happy teaching!

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