In this workshop...

You'll learn:

  • Methods for implementing centers: From traditional centers to choice centers, you'll learn four methods for implementing centers in your music room.
  • Four types of centers: Wondering what students should do at each center? Don't worry…I have you covered, with a framework for brainstorming and creating your own centers!
  • Sample timelines: Not sure when to do centers throughout your year? In the workshop, we'll explore sample timelines that you can adapt to your teaching situation and your student population!



I'm Aileen!

I love sharing music education ideas on my blog, my podcast, and through my lessons.

I have truly enjoyed using centers in my music room…but I've made lots of mistakes and missteps over the years. I look forward to sharing my framework for centers with you, so you can avoid the mistakes I've made, and you AND your students can find success in the music room! See you at the workshop!