#32: A Peek at my Week: Presenting rest, Improvising Melodic Patterns, and More!

Peek at my Week: Ideas for your elementary music room, including small group composing, improvising word patterns, centers for major scale, and more!

Interested to see a peek at my week in the music room? In this podcast, I discuss my lessons for the week. You can listen here; links and a description are below:

With first grade, I discuss in the podcast presenting rest, and using these “See the Old Witch” composition cards. The SMART Notebook I discussed for presenting rest can be found in this set.

With second grade, I talk about using the songs “Sammy Sackett” and “Who's That Tapping at the Window” to prepare half note, assessing tika-tika with this “Which amimal” game, and using a process similar to the one described in this blog post for the song “Apple Tree.”

With third grade, I discuss using “Ida Red” to practice ti-tika (you can find the song in this blog post), using this “Unlock the door” game to assess identification of ti-tika patterns, practicing low la with “Skin and Bones,” playing the cup game with “I've been to Haarlem,” and coding. You can learn more about STEM/STEAM here, and you can find out more about coding with this set:

With fourth grade, we're practicing syncopa with the song “Oboshinotentoten,” which you can see here:

We also used this sunglasses game (which you can download for free) to have students read patterns with syncopa. Students also practiced low sol with “Black Snake,” and used this haiku composition set to begin writing a haiku, which they will eventually set a melody to:

For fifth grade, I did centers for students to practice ti/ major scale:

  • Boomwhackers (students play up and down the major scale, then compose whatever they want)
  • Worksheets: Students use a worksheet like one in this set to practice writing melodic patterns on the staff
  • Specdrums: Listen to more about Specdrums here and read more here
  • Otamotone: Students figure out how to play a song they know on the otamatone. Read more here.
  • Legos: Students build a major scale with half and whole steps here. Read more about using Legos here.
  • Ti/ Major Scale Quizizz: Check out my Quizizz here

I hope these lesson ideas are helpful to you! Feel free to comment below with what you're doing this week!

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