#14: Songs for Low La

Songs for low la: Ideas and songs to teach low la in your elementary music lessons!

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In this episode, Katie and I talk about our favorites for low la. Here is the notation for some of the songs:

“Who has seen the wind” (with text by Christina Rossetti)

“Big Fat Biscuit” (African-American Folk Song)

“I got a letter”

Here are links for the other songs:

Link to Ye Toop Doram

Green Fields Roxie video:

  • “Peg Leg the Pirate”
  • Note: Since recording this podcast episode, I have chosen to no longer teach “Canoe Song” and “Land of the Silver Birch,” as some feel that because they are often taught as Native songs, they are not culturally authentic.

What I'm listening to:

What Katie is reading:  “Southern Reach” trilogy

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