12 Days of Christmas 2022 Event


12 Days Winners

Day 1, Target $10 Gift Card: Erin Kub

Day 2, Christmas Carol Bingo : Bonnie Tsung, Machiela Richard, Rachel Moore

Day 3, Christmas Choice Boards: Kirsten Meyer

Day 4, Winter Choice Boards: Erin Dressler, crtnybtlh, kaylirenee44

Day 5, Nutcracker sets: Lauren Voss

Day 6, Christmas escape room: Katy Ann, Sarah Armein, Amy Kopp, Melissa Caton

Day 7, Christmas hand chime set and singlaong set: Lauren Neeley

Day 8, Picture books: Joslyn Thomas, Linsey Calza, Kelsey Reed

Day 9, Rhythm game: Everyone!

Day 10, $50 TPT gift card: Naomi Ruth

Day 11, $50 Amazon gift card: Sami McEvoy

Day 12, $100 website store gift card: Michelle Unruh