#101, Manipulatives in the Music Room

Colorful popsicle sticks, with the text "Manipulatives for the Music Room"

In this podcast, I discuss Debbie O'Shea from Crescendo Music Education about Manipulatives in the Music Room. Listen in iTunes, on Google Play Music, on Amazon, on TuneIn, or here:

Highlights of the Episode

4:07 Definition of Manipulatives for the Music Room
7:04 Favorite Manipulatives for Rhythm
12:57 Melodic Manipulatives
16:24 Manipualtives for Other Concepts
24:23 When to Use Manipulatives
30:24 Manipulative Storage
33:00 Debbie’s Manipulative Course

Debbie O'Shea's Links

Other links mentioned in the episode

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