#087, Music Activities We Are Thankful For

Picture of pumpkin pie and turkey, with ukulele, with the words "Music activities we are thankful for"

In this podcast, we discuss music activities we are thankful for. Listen in iTunes, on Google Play Music, on Amazon, on TuneIn, or here:

Highlights of the Episode

0:53: A Song or Singing Game
5:52: Picture Books
12:14: Lessons
18:16: Activity
29:06: Tech Tools / Websites

Songs mentioned in the episode:

Second verse:

Went down to the old mill stream, to fetch a pail of water,

Put one arm around my wife, the other ‘round my daughter.

Third verse:

Fare thee well my darling girl, fare thee well my daughter.

Fare thee well my darling girl, with the golden slippers on her.

For the dance, students stand in one circle, and number off in 1’s and 2’s.

First verse: Students walk to right for first 8 beats, then walk to left for next 8 beats.

Second verse:   

Beats 1-4:         1’s take four steps in and hold hands

Beats 5-8:         2’s take four steps in and “dive” over the held hands to hold hands with the other 2’s

Beats 9-12:       1’s put their arms over the heads of all the 2’s

Beats 13-16:     2’s put their arms over the heads of all the 1’s

Third verse: Keeping the basket weaving hold, students do the foot pattern: left, behind, left, behind

Picture books

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Here is a sample video from Chatter Pix:


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Tech Tools

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