#086, Opening Activities for the Music Room

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Looking for different ways to open your music lessons? In this blog post, I detail my five favorite ways to start a music lesson. If you love to listen to podcasts, scroll to the bottom to listen to this as a podcast episode!

#1: Listening lessons

A great way to start any music lesson is with listening! Students could listen to the music as they come into the room, and perform beat motions as they listen. For good listening selections for beat keeping, check out this CD (note: this is an affiliate link). Alternatively, students could watch a performance right after entering the room, then do a turn and talk about what they notice and wonder. Here are a few performances I have used as opening listening activities:

As students are listening, they could also fill out an entrance ticket detailing what they notice or wonder. Click here to sign up to receive an entrance ticket for free!

Mindful minute

Another wonderful way to start your music lessons is with a mindful minute. This could simply be a script you read to students, having them breathe in slowly and breathe out slowly, clear their mind, etc. Or you could show students one of these videos, to help get them focused for the lesson:

Rhythm Read Along Videos

Rhythm read along videos can be a fun way to start your lessons, AND to practice rhythmic concepts! Here is one that I've made, and a couple that I love!

Vocal Exploration

Starting your lesson off with vocal exploration can serve two purposes: it warms your students' voices up, AND it provides a reliable routine! Students could simply echo your vocal exploration patterns, or write their own, or use this awesome set by Amy Abbott, with videos you can embed into Google Slides!

Singing Games

Another great way to start off a lesson is with a singing game. This gets students immediately singing AND having fun! This works especially well for K-2. Students could simply start singing the song as they enter the room, wind into a circle as they sing, then play the game!


Interested in listening to this as a podcast? Listen here:

Want to check out the greeting song I mention in the podcast? Check out Anna's Instagram post here.

Happy teaching!

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