#083: The Dalcroze Philosophy

Kids stretching in a classroom, with the text "Dalcroze in the music room"

In this podcast, I interview Anthony Molinaro about the Dalcroze philosophy. Listen in iTunes, on Google Play Music, on Amazon, on TuneIn, or here:

About Anthony Molinaro

Anthony Molinaro is a professional musician, teacher, producer, and podcaster. A veteran of 15 years in public school classrooms, Anthony holds the Dalcroze Certificate and is the Eurhythmics instructor at the Preparatory Academy of Carnegie Mellon University. He produces and hosts the world's first podcast about the Dalcroze Method, The New Dalcrozian. Recently he started writing a SubStack newsletter, MusicXT Moments and Movement,  in which he shares lesson ideas, philosophical musings, and instructional tools with thousands of readers every week.

Highlights of the Episode

2:38: What is the Dalcroze philosophy?
9:01: Favorite part of Dalcroze
20:39: Dalcroze inspired activities
16:34: Dalcroze complementing other philosophies
19:00: Recommended resources

Links mentioned in the episode


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