#078: What I learned at the OAKE conference

Conference room with people sitting in chairs, looking at front of room, with the text "What I learned at conference"

In this podcast, I discuss what I learned at the OAKE 2022 Conference in Pittsburgh. Listen in iTunes, on Google Play Music, on Amazon, on TuneIn, or here:

Highlights of the Episode

2:26 Importance of Folk Song Research, context and Representation.
6:21 Helping Autistic Children in the Music Room
8:07 Backwards Design
10:02 Preparing Melodic Concepts
12:09 SeeSaw
14:07 Google Slides

Links mentioned in the episode

2 Responses

  1. I love reading your blog posts so much! I’m wondering if your podcasts will ever be up on Spotify.

    1. Hi Lindsey! Glad my blog and podcast are helpful. I’ll have to look into getting my podcast on Spotify!

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