#059: What’s Working in the Music Room

Picture of socially distanced music room

In this podcast, Katie and I discuss what's working in the in person and virtual music room. Listen in iTunes, on Google Play Music, on TuneIn, or here:

Here are the highlights of the episode:

  • (1:26) Changes in the music classroom due to COVID
  • (2:01) How many times Katie has seen her students in person since remote learning started
  • (3:15) Teaching music virtually to Kindergarten-2nd grade
  • (4:24) Challenges this year
  • (10:03) Building relationships with your students
  • (16:34) What’s working best in the classroom
  • (22:51) Logistics of bringing Chromebooks to class
  • (23:24) Teachers feeling like they aren’t doing enough or are behind schedule this year
  • (27:50) What’s working with technology and tools (including Seesaw, Peardeck, Nearpod, and more!)
  • (34:43) Making it easy for substitute or guest teachers to fill in when you’re out sick
  • (38:24) Planning for the rest of the school year, including a “Music around the world” unit
  • (43:40) What we're consuming

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